Turn to Jesus

Why you? Who do you think you are?


I sense the lack of a call to repentance by our spiritual leaders. In 1940, there was a nation-wide call to prayer which God honoured: the Nazis were distracted and failed to bomb the beaches at Dunkirk, and the sea was calm, enabling the little boats to rescue the soldiers.

I would have preferred somebody with clout to have called the nation to repentance and prayer, but in their absence, I prefer my way of trying to do something about it to nothing being done at all.

I have nothing to recommend me. Being retired, I do have time to address issues that people may wish to raise. I will answer your emails as best I can.

Maybe there has been a nation-wide call to prayer that I have missed, but it has not been on the news bulletins I have watched. If there has, please direct me to it and I will advertise it here and on the feedback page. Thank you.

If your response to this website is to feel angry with me, I apologise. These are difficult issues. I have tried to raise them carefully but may well have made a poor job of it. If you can do better, please have a go, for all our sakes.

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