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Saturday 22nd January 2022


101. If the insight about the 1335 days worked out in this feedback is correct, then Wednesday 19th January marked the mid point of our time of enforced Sabbath rest. We have turned the corner! In a two act drama, things are generally dire at the interval, and there may be plenty of twists and turns to come in act two before the final resolution. Roll on November 2023.

100. The BBC news on 12.01.2022 painted a grim picture of life in the UK. Our prime minister is under a cloud highlighting the lack of honesty and integrity that has become our national norm, and an allegation of sexual misconduct in our royal family underscores our departure from marital faithfulness. Will 2022 be the year when we turn back to God as a nation? Why delay any longer?

099. I was struck by 1 Kings chapter fourteen first twenty verses this week, thinking how perfectly it described our situation in the UK today.

098. To celebrate the mid point of our exile from normal life as I think of the pandemic (see 006 and 060 below), I am publishing my latest book on January 19th 2022: Follow Jesus! : Do I Have to Go to Church? Can I Trust the Bible? You can pre-order now. We will be on day 667 of the 1335 days, exactly half way through. There's still a long way to go, calling for endurance.

097. Some good news in all the gloom. Whereas I have often seen 2 Chronicles chapter seven verse fourteen quoted on its own, several times in the last month I have seen the passage referred to as 2 Chronicles chapter seven verses thirteen and fourteen. This is good; they belong together. God's words to Solomon are "(13) When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land, or send a plague among my people, (14) if my people, wjho are called by my name, will humble themsel;ves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." I believe that being open to the idea that God has sent the pandemic might lead us to turn back to him from our wicked ways and see things start to improve. Do you know that there are thought to be 100,000 abortions a day worldwide?

096. I dreamt recently that the only hair on my body to have a perm was under my armpits. Later the same night, someone else in another dream said the same thing to me. Aha, I thought, two witnesses in agreement! What is God saying? The passage in the Bible that came to mind was Samson's hair. He had lost it, and with it his strength, through his own folly, but in prison it began to grow again, lank and straggly no doubt. Interpretation. What vanity to have a perm for your armpit hair! But vanity is what we are suffering from in the UK today. The reality is that we are poor, blind and naked, but we are living so much in Psalm twelve - everyone lies to his neighbour - that the blind and deaf do not know it. What we should do is recognise that we have abandoned the God of our fathers as a nation and turn back to him again in genuine sorrow. Expect good things if we do; expect things to get worse if we don't. Let's use the lockdown as a time for our hair to regrow, like Samson did in prison.

095. This week on the news, I heard the words 'such and such is being said publicly, but privately...'. We all know this happens, but when I hear public pronouncements these days I have the feeling that there is an attempt to mislead me more strongly now than I used to. I recall Psalm twelve - "Everone lies to his neighbour" - and also that even the beast in the book of Revelation has its image. Insightful. Small wonder that there are many conspiracy theories about.

094. This week I recalled the promises made by world leaders in Edinburgh at the millennium to help the developing nations with an injection of finance. Gordon Brown, the UK chancellor at the time, was thrilled. However, in the event, little if any of the money was actually forthcoming. Now consider the opening of Psalm forty-one. "Blessed is he who has regard for the poor... the Lord will raise him up from his sick bed..." It's sobering to reflect that if we had kept our vows, then maybe the world would not have needed to go through the pandemic. (See Deuteronomy 28:22 in context of the whole chapter, and Ecclesiastes 5:1-7.)

093. When I was a teenager, one of the prayers in church was that we might 'throw off the works of darkness and put upon us the armour of light', quoting Paul. I find myself thinking that nowadays, we are busy throwing off the armour of light and embracing the works of darkness. As Isaiah put it, 'woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put sweet for bitter and bitter for sweet' (5:20). No wonder we are in a mess. Do you agree?

092. Having read The Third Trumpet (prophecytoday.uk) and because the talk at church on Sunday was about the storm in Acts chapter 27, I decided to publish the video of the shaking metal pole I took in October - see Light Wind - YouTube . I wondered at the time whether it was a picture of what was going on in society, but decided I needed two or three witnesses rather than just one to this effect. Now they seem to have come. See also 089 below. A metal pole fixed in concrete being affected by a moderate breeze seemed extraordinary to me.

091. A family member who had Covid in March 2020, had two jabs and more recently the booster as well, has now tested positive. Mild symptoms, thankfully.

090. In mid January, we will be half way through the current time of stress. I am beginning to look forward to it already. See 079 below.

089. I found myself thinking of the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse this week (5th October). Note how long the shaking lasted before the final disaster occurred. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse "Gallopin' Gertie" - YouTube . Also, the episode of the dog being rescured reminds me of Caleb in the Old Testament, or clb if we omit the vowels, as Hebrew did and does. clb is also the Hebrew for dog. Like many Old Testament names, elements of his name appear in stories about him: Caleb the faithful dog served the lord with cl (all) his lb (heart). So if this piece of film is prophetic for our time as I suspect it is, am I being over fanciful in suggesting that like the dog in the abandoned car that speaks of Caleb, the one who serves God whole-heartedly, will be rescued during the difficult times that may come? Mind you, this is no guarantee of an easy ride as it may be after martyrdom rather than before! See Revelation 6:9-11, 20:4-5.

088. Gas price, Carbon Dioxide and Pork shortages loom. What is God doing? Trying to get our attention, I guess.

087. The shocking fires on almost every continent remind me of the fires breaking out all across the region in Amos 1:4, 7, 10, 12, 14, 2:2 & 5. What is God saying through them?

086. I read Ezekiel 11:12 yesterday: "... you have not followed my decrees or kept my laws but have conformed to the standards of the nations around you." I was reminded of the Methodists' recent decision over gay weddings which invited the comment that they had been more influenced by Stonewall than by Scripture.

085. We currently have three friends who have Covid despite being double jabbed (10.08.21). Another friend had a blood test recently: antibodies from Covid were discovered, but she had no idea she had had it. Her husband had not caught it from her.

084. Did you hear David Nabarrow of the World Health Organisation say on BBC Radio 4 that when you look at the rising Covid figures worldwide, the worst is yet to come? (13.07.21 at 0650).

083. Clifford Hill has written The Post Pandemic Church in the absence of prophetic leadership from the UK churches during the pandemic. Also a kindle on Amazon.

082. A Prophetic word from the British Isles Council of Prophets.

081. The twenty-one short articles I have written during lockdown are now available as a Kindle. Earthquake Tremors: What is God saying now?

080. This year, I have noticed birds coming within two metres of me, when sitting outside, in a way I have never experienced before. It has happened so many times that I wondered whether God was speaking through it. The only passage I could think of was Matthew chapter six, where God promises he will look after us, as he does the birds. Then I bumped into Brian Johnson's prophecy of July 2020 again - number 057 below. Finally, Mark Potter of St Dunstan's Church Woking has just made the subject of his Thought for the Week in the local paper the Matthew six pasage, quoting the verse about the birds (Woking News and Mail, issue no 5838, 24.06.21, page 3). So I infer that a very difficult time is coming. Note that we are to prepare in advance by developing our trust in God's provision now. And it's not a thing to worry about either! Just let's be ready.

079. 10th June 2021. We are now one third of the way through the 1335 days of Sabbath rest. 445 days gone, 890 still to go. (See 060 and 006 below for an explanation). People in the UK think the return to normal life is imminent. I believe we should enjoy the limited freedom that we have now while it lasts, and be prepared for difficult days ahead. This chimes in with 057 below.

078. Thoughts on copying Jesus. Is this our call? Or maybe copying the apostles?

077. What is going on with the Indian variant? Is it one of God's destroying agents? Jeremiah 29:15-19.

076. I dreamt I was taking questions at a press conference. In answer to one, I quoted Jesus' words in John 10:10. "The thief comes only to steal, to kill and to destroy: I have come that they may have life in all its fullness." A moment later, I found myself quoting Daniel to another question. "To the Lord our God belong mercies and forgivenesses, though we have rebelled against him." I looked it up in the morning, and It's Daniel 9:9. 10:10 and 9:9. Easy to remember. Good themes as we toil on through the pandemic.

075. The Church of England Press statement of April 30 says "more than 4,000 C of E parishes are estimated to have stepped up their support to local communities in the face of rising levels of poverty, loneliness and isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to new research..." See 073.

074. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Easter Message.

073. The Economist reports that maybe 20,000 Sunday morning church services are streamed each week in the UK on Youtube during the pandemic. A tremendous effort has been going into helping people worship God. When I read the gospels, I am struck by the fact that Jesus never raised the subject of worship with the twelve. He had other priorities - seeking first the kingdom of God, doing his father's work until it was completed, giving his life as a ransom for many, going around doing good, encouraging love for one's enemies. The churches that have my respect are the ones who have seized the opportunity to do good in the community. See here for more on this.

072. On Easter Day, the BBC gave a whole hour to the Archbishop at Canterbury Cathedral. Do I sense a tiny whiff of the country wondering whether giving a slight glance in the direction of God might be a good idea?

071. My attention has been drawn to Ezekiel chapter 22 this week. I am shocked by how many of the practices that God speaks against are widespread in our day. Note verse 30.

070. We don't like to imagine it, but suppose God did send the pandemic. Might it be a good idea to ask why?

069. Did you see that Obese countries have the highest Covid-19 death rates? I immediatley thought of 'you have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter' from James 5:1-6, a passage which I have believed is relevant since March 2020. See here.

068. Why are we coy about saying God sent the pandemic? See God and Terrorists.

067. Our churches seem desperate to be able to worship together again. My view is that having the church buildings closed is good because it enables us to be the church more. Jesus didn't play the guitar. See also On This Mountain.

066. For some thoughts on what makes a prophet, see here

065. A timely prophetic word from from David Noakes. I have known him since 1990. A man of integrity.

064. I love this article. So apt.

063. On Sunday February 21st, we had had 335 days of our Sabbath rest, as I call it, since the first lockdown started in the UK, which means there were just 1000 days to go. It's something of a milestone. We are about six miles into our marathon. This calls for patient endurance. (see 060).

062. Two thoughts arising in January 2021 . . . A Tale of two Towns and A spiritual cause of Environmental Degradation?

061. The prediction of Revelation chapter 13 verses 16 to 18 may arrive during the next three years. See here. Be prepared.

060. For why our difficult time might last until November 2023, see here. More on this in 059 and 006 below. Thank you.

059. In response to my view that we are in a sabbath rest of three years plus - see feedback 006 below - Chris Bright wrote on the Prophecy Today website,

"Back in late March, or early April, just after lockdown was announced, I wondered whether one consequence of lockdown was that God was enforcing a sabbath rest on the UK and that the duration of that Sabbath rest would follow the principle of the duration of the Israelite exile in Babylon, namely that the duration would be set by the Sabbaths denied, according to the pattern of 2 Chronicles 36:21.

Then, a thought came into my head, "Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days. (Daniel 12:12)". Although that verse has no obvious connection to Sabbaths, I nevertheless wondered if the UK had been denied 1335 proper Sabbath days' rest before lockdown was announced, and if so, when did that period start?

Like you, David, I thought that one likely start of that period was when Sunday trading was relaxed. That happened when the Sunday Trading Act 1994 into force on Friday 26th August of that year.

And from that date to the announcement of lockdown on Monday 23rd March 2020, 1335 Sundays have elapsed.

So, if this principle holds, a Sabbath rest will be enforced on the UK for 1335 days from the announcement of lockdown on 23rd March 2020 takes us to Saturday 18th November 2023.

And so we would expect the Sabbath rest enforced on the UK to last until that date.

I would welcome any comments about this."

See the article that prompted this discussion, and Chris' comment in situ.

058. Paul Slennett received this prophecy in 1989. The accompanying TV programme was filmed in 2009. Thirty six minutes in, Paul draws attention to 1665-6. The great plague came in 1665, but the nation did not repent. The great fire followed a year later, and the king then called the country to humiliation and repentance. Challenging.

057. Brian Johnson shared this in July 2020 on Facebook. See what you think. He says he does not normally receive words from the Lord like this. Note that it is not an encouragement to hoard, but rather to develop an attitude of trusting God despite the circumstances.

“The time is coming when you will be without many daily necessities. You must prepare in advance by seeking my face and asking me to provide for all your needs. Your needs will be many and varied and many will experience at that time significant loss of goods and property.

I will care for you and your loved ones during this time of need. However you need to be on your knees daily in supplication to me. Hard and difficult times are coming to this earth and my people need to prepare now for these.

Call out to me night and day for guidance and protection from the trials that will come. Do not be unaware of the difficulties you will face. Look to me continually and I will provide all that you need. Do not store up for yourselves resources for the future, as my hand will provide your every need.”

Read Brian's passion here.

056. The Archbishop's call to prayer for November 2020.

055. I have just been pointed to The Last Reformation and New Christian websites. A major effort by both!

054. I find it ironic that the Pfizer vaccine should have been anounced with great fanfare in the same week that the new strain of Covid arising from mink farming in Denmark should have surfaced. Note the connection to luxury (James 5:1-3). And the longing to return to 'normal life'. If that means living like we did before, I don't want it personally. See verses 4 - 6.

053. Our society thinks of death as the end, like a candle being snuffed out, but Jesus' attitude was different. He spoke about life after death in his parable of Dives and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31), and in his account of the sheep and the goats, where some go into eternal life and others go into eternal punishment (Matthew 25:46). The dying thief would soon be with Jesus in Paradise (Luke 23:43). Those that die are only lost to us who remain alive until we too are gathered to our forefathers. He proved it by rising from death himself and appearing to his followers, even to a group of 500 (1 Corinthians 15:6). Death is not the end!

052. Who decides what makes it into the news? A friend of mine has next door neighbours whose son took his life in his early fifties, because he was shattered when his partner of twenty-six years left him. The elderly couple are distraught. My friend asked me what she should say to them. What would you say? There must be many stories like that brought on by the pandemic, but people tend to talk about their successes in life but not their griefs, so we don't hear about them. The danger with not opening up is that we become isolated.

051. Clifford Hill's new book Beyond the Pandemic: Is there any word from the Lord? was launched on Monday 12th October at 1800. It is an attempt to read the signs of the times. I found it compelling reading. I have been following Clifford since the late 1980s and find him to be a man of integrity.

050. We are told athat the government has lost control of the virus, but did anybody ever have control of it? We would do better to humble ourselves, and admit that there are things in this life that are beyond our control. See 1 Peter 5:6, and while you're there, note the encouraging verse 7 too.

049. I notice that my friends on Facebook post in an upbeat manner and seldom share if they are feeling down. This can give me the impression that everybody else is doing OK and that in having troubled thoughts I am in the minority. I think this is a shame. Let's dare to share from the heart. I'm told that the relapse and overdose rate has increased by 30% since March 2020. Mental health issues related to our lock down and the pandemic are especially hard for people with depression. MIND has a 24-hour helpline: 0300 123 3011.

048. If your response to Covid-19 is to say Ho - Hum, then try Nahum chapter one verse seven (Nay - Hum).

047. Even those of us who are shielding can do something to help. I am offering English language practice by Zoom. See here. Be imaginative!

046. It seems that the number of DIY abortions at home in the UK from March to August 2020 may have been 90,000, more than twice the number of deaths from Covid-19. See here. The government wants to make this facility permanent.

045. At the end of August, I heard on the news that the number of Covid19 cases worldwide had passed twenty-five million. That is a third of one percent of world population. Even if the true figure is ten times larger, that is still only three percent. The crisis has a long way to run.

044. I have read God and the Pandemic by Tom Wright twice now. Much to chew on. (April 2020, SPCK, London). Rather than asking (or declaring) why the virus came, he says the Christian response is to ask what What can I do to help?

043. Hitler and co. would not have got anywhere if it had not been for all the turmoil of the previous years. The armistice at the end of the first world war was most unfavourable to Germany, arousing resentment. The partying of the twenties was followed by the slump of the thirties and mass unemployment. It was in this context that Hitler was able to get voted in, proved himself to be a gifted leader, and then led people down the wrong path.

Fast forward to today. Our present turmoil creates great opportunities for good or ill. Turmoil can also lead to good outcomes. The education act of 1944 and the national health service both came out of the war, as did the weekend. Pleasing.

Now we have turmoil again. Will it prove to be a springboard for growth and improvement? Or will the desperation of many allow something hideous to arise in our midst? Boris Johnson 's Covid19 advice seems sound in this context. We need to stay alert.

042. I have written a thirty-five minute internet play for a small group about the possible coming of the mark of the beast in our day, arising from feedback 036 below. A serious subject, but a fun read-through.

041. Don't miss Feedback 006 and its file. Rather buried by now.

040. I find I am re-evaluating my life, because my usual activities have stopped, and there is time for reflection. I would prefer to be busy and active. Never mind.

039. Perhaps believing in God does not appeal. See here. If you think I am guilty of discrimination, please see here.

038. This site receives very little feedback. When I started it, I expected abuse, but none came. Silence is impossible to interpret. Tricky.

037. I notice that during the lockdown in the UK, we have made abortion even easier - one can now phone to request help to do it at home by mail - and parliament has now made ending a marriage even easier. Now there are moves in parliament to make abortion easier still. See here for my thoughts and Lynn's story, a retired midwife. It all runs counter to the argument of this website. I feel very sad about this.

036. See this call for a microchip on the hand. I have been wondering when this would come. See Revelation 13:16f for the prophecy of a mark on people without which they cannot buy or sell. The book emphasises that we should not accept such a mark. I am happy to carry a card, but branding is for animals not for humans. I will never agree to it.

035. I enjoy the theatre. As we come to June, my feeling is that we are at the beginning of act two of a three act drama. Resolution won't come until the end of act three. Act two tends to have unexpected developments and end in a more complex place than the end of act one in my view. See what you think.

034. There was a Global call to repentance on Wednesday May 27th, another opportunity on Thursday 28th; one on Friday 29th and one on Saturday 30th. Note the sense of momentum.

033. Have you heard the spiritual with new words, Hold on a little while longer? Remarkably apt.

032. Regarding prophetic hints (see 014 and 016 below) see this article about Dave Wilkerson's possible prediction of the pandemic.

031. Choral groups are producing online videos. I created The Lockdown Blues for them recently. The words are 'De virus is all ober de world - wattcha gonna do? I'm gonna cry... I'm gonna pray'. I had the suffering people of the slave plantations in the Carribean two hundred years ago in mind. Do you think the theme sumarises our present plight?

030. Tuesday 26th May was the 80th anniversary of the day or prayer called for the Dunkirk evacuation. See here. There was much prayer all through the war. Note the image of the queue outside Westminster Abbey a couple of minutes into this video.

029. Read about the huge plague of locusts which is not being reported in the UK news yet.

028. "If you just touch one individual with the site, it will be worth everything." Thanks!

027 (re 026). "If what I have for some weeks been sensing in my own spirit is correct, I believe your understanding is right; this is only the beginning. I am convinced that the Lord's purpose is to communicate His grief and anger, with the intention of bringing about repentance - so that He is then able to show His love and mercy and bring many to salvation. I have had in mind a number of times Amos ch.4 and Isaiah 45:7." Thank you for this. I appreciate the Bible passages.

026. My belief grows stronger that there are grim times ahead, and that the nation will be driven to it's knees. See here.

025. In his broadcast on 10th May, the Prime Minister referred to "this devlish illness." For what the Bible teaches about the Devil, see here

024. So far, interest in this website appears to have been slight, judging by the small amount of feedback. The national mood is not one of crying out to God yet as far as I can tell. This may change if things get truly dire. See Exodus 2:23, a verse that God has been drawing my attention to during the lockdown. See here.

023. "I think that people are drawn to Jesus by experiencing the love of God, and it's the church that needs to repent." Thank you. Worth pondering.

022. I can't help feeling that we are in a phoney war. I don't think it will all be over by Christmas. See Jeremiah 23:16 and following, and also 6:14.

021. "Didn't someone  once suggest that trying to fathom out God's will is  like standing close to an impressionist painting - it's all a muddled blur. You need to step  back to see the whole picture!" Thanks. Yes, when it comes to prophecy, we see through a glass darkly (1 Corinthians 13:12).

020. "I believe this to be a wake up call to those who claim to be His followers to rediscover holy fear. ‘Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’. Hopefully we will emerge from this time wiser and stronger in the Lord’s strength, ready and fit to do the work He has prepared for each one of us for His Kingdom." Thanks. Helpful quote of Proverbs 1:7, which continues 'but fools scorn wisdom and discipline'. I hope so too.

019. "I hope your web site is a useful sound board for people who are looking for answers either out of anger, love, compassion, belief, confusion , conviction or the need to converse - it is a good thing that you have the will spirit and guts to put yourself out there - I wish you well. For me it is still a form of reflection - but through gardening, art, music and family - but the certainty is - it has provided us all with space to think, evaluate and change - hopefully for the better - both for ourselves and for others and through that disovering more about ourselves ." Thank you for this. So encouraging. Much appreciated.

018. "Anyone who adheres to a set of rules written by people who lived 1000s of years ago is by definition archaic and I'm afraid you will never convince me anything other than delusional." Guilty as charged! Here's why.

017. Have you noticed Isaiah 26:20 - 21? Sounds very like lockdown.

016. "Why was there no prophecy in advance of Covid19?" Please see here. But perhaps there was... see here.

015. Have you noticed that in 1940, the king put out a call to the nation to pray and people turned to God, but today we look to the government to be our saviour?

014. "Surely God does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets (Amos 3:7)." Have you heard of any prophecies of the current situation of disease? I have not, but since the late 1980s I have been hearing the message from Clifford Hill of Prophecy Today that God would shake the nations (Haggai 2:7). Notice it is the plan, counsel or confidence that is revealed, not necessarily the detail.

013. Visit https://www.unite714.com/ for a call to pray along the lines of 2 Chronicles 7:14 at 0714 each day.

012. "If when I was training I told the people that what they were doing was completely wrong, it would not work. Hopeless." It's hard to present this idea without people feeling affronted. However, I appreciate plain talk myself. I have tried to be sensitive.

011. This video from the Bible Society asks similar questions to this website in a sensitive way. I particularly liked this one. See also their online articles.

010. See a video of Prof. John Lennox asking where is God in a Corinavirus world. There is a book of this title too, and a free download.

009. Bill Gates predicted a flu pandemic in 2015, that one would come in the next few decades.

008. "Is your website aimed at your friends?" No, it's for everybody.

007. See a post by Peter Horobin of Ellel Grange here.

006. I am wondering if what we have now is an enforced sabbath rest from God. This is like the exile the Jews had in Babylon. One reason for that was that they had not kept the sabbath for the previous 490 years. That is why the exile lasted seventy years, so that the land could enjoy the sabbath rest it had never had. Leviticus 26:33-35. There had been kings in Israel, starting with David, for 467 years, so 490 years takes us back into the time of the judges. You can read about the decline in society during that period in the book of Judges. Its final chapters are horrific to my mind. Here in the UK, we passed our Sunday trading act in 1994, twenty-six years ago. That would imply that we owe nearly four years of sabbath rest by now, so maybe our busy lives will not resume until the end of 2023. See here for more. Let's hope I am wrong, but I advise you to prepare for the long haul. Our lawn is now a veg plot!

005. "Young people won't read a web page without pictures." I may add some, but too many could get in the way in my view.

004. "Read a prophecy by David Noakes dated March 30th." Thank you. I have known David for thirty years and find him to be a man or integrity.

003. "We find the way you have wrapped up CV19 with abortion/denigration of marriage/love of money in the UK to be a link which we do not find helpful. We do see the Corona virus as an aspect of our fallen world but not as a direct punishment for sin. May be that is not what you were saying either but it is the way it came across to us. We think that the Queen's unprecedented Easter message and that of Justin Welby were calls to consider both Jesus and our need to change behaviour. Also read this."

Thanks very much for this. With small occurrences affecting only a few people I would agree with you about something being the result of the fall, but not with a large scale catastrophe of the type that is mentioned so frequently in the prophets. Did you see the material here? Personally, as the economic fall-out slowly unfolds, I am already comparing it to Revelation 18. As regards the archbishop asking that life after the pandemic be more beautiful than it was before I recalled Ezekiel 13:10-16. Surely what we had before cannot be described as having been beautiful? Note that the aim of God's violent activity expressed here is that people will know he is the Lord. This theme comes many times in Ezekiel, which I have read again in the last few days. I appreciated the Tear Fund article but am not persuaded by it.

I don't expect people to agree with me, although some might, but I do hope that this website may generate thought and discussion. Your input is a real help.

002. Did you see Andrea Bocelli singing Amazing Grace on the steps of Milan Cathedral? It's on Youtube, title Music for Hope. Comes at the end of his recital. The words of Amazing Grace were by John Newton, who was captain of a slave ship before he became a follower of Jesus. It reminded me that some people think God is only interested in good people, but the reverse is the case: Jesus said, "I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance (Luke 5:32). Actually, the 'righteous' are not really righteous at all but sinners like the rest of us but they won't admit it. Not a good idea! See first letter of John 1:8-9.

001. "For **** sake hire a web builder!" Thanks! But does it really matter? See Luke 7:24-25. It's the issue, not the format; the site is uncluttered and I can update it easily.

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