When That Time Comes

A short novel by David F Pennant

A Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator in a sleepy road does virtually nothing - he puts round two or three news sheets a year and sends out the odd email - until one day the world's computer chips stop working, everything changes and he has to fight to keep the residents from death.

He reckons the malfunction was caused by a flare from the sun. Five days after I web-published, the opening discussion on Radio 4's Material World (27.8.09) was about the severe solar flare of 1859 and its damaging effect on power cables, melting a transformer, etc. and that we are overdue for another flare. You have been warned...! Horizon (BBC1) had a similar programme in March 2012, a time of unusually large solar flares. For readers' opinions and feedback, click here, especially number 7. .

1-99. Opening pages here

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Thankyou, David Pennant