Turn to Jesus

I'm in a terrible place. What should I do?

Jesus told his followers not to worry as God our heavenly father looks after the birds and the flowers so he will care for us as well. Matthew 6:25 - 34. A passage to hold on to.

If you feel your problems are impossible to cope with, why not watch Nick Vujicic who was born with no arms or legs? He tried to end his life as a teenager during a period of darkness, but found a purpose and a way ahead instead. Inspirational. He says, "When the world says you are not good enough, get a second opinion."

Or tune into videos of the paralympics to see what people can do. Amazing!

My story of how I coped with being at death's door during thirty-six days in intensive care may help you. Click here

When I was suicidal in the 1990s, a counsellor advised me to have the phone number of the Samaritans on my person, and to ring them before I felt I needed to as a warm-up visit, so that if it came to the point where I was desperate, the process of ringing would not seem so alien. This seemed to be good advice. I carried the number about for some weeks but never made the call.

There are lots of Bible passages to help. Here are some of my favourites. God's encouraging promise to the Jews at their lowest ebb during exile is in Jeremiah 29:11. David's thankfulness for his deliverance from death is in Psalm 18. Paul's way of tackling onslaughts is in Ephesians 6:10 - 18. Also see John 10:10.

Another thought. In Jesus' presence, the evil spirits that people had revealed themselves, and he drove them out. Nowadays, we don't tend to observe that, but I don't think the evil spirits have gone. Rather they work in secret. The good news is that they can still be cast out. See here for something I wrote on this subject which may help you.

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