Turn to Jesus

Your God sounds very vindictive. I believe in a loving God

There is only one true God, and we are unwise to try to edit his characteristics to suit us. You might as well make a god out of wood or stone, as people did in ancient times.

The way to discover what God is like is to read his book, the Bible. There you will find that everything God does is motivated by love and compassion, even his harshest judgments. The overall theme is one of rescue.

I keep reading the Bible, over and over, trying to fathom his mind. One of the four gospels, Matthew, Mark Luke and John is a good place to start. I began with John, way back in 1965!

Remember that the main figures in the Bible story had flaws. Abraham told lies (Genesis 20:2), Jacob was a deceiver (Genesis 27:36), Moses was a murderer (Exodus 2:12), King David had a man killed so he could have his wife (2 Samuel 11:15), Saul attempted to destroy the church out of religious zeal before he saw the light and was converted (Acts 8:3). God did not reject them. All of these people and countless others turned from their wickedness and lived, which is what God desires for us all (Ezekiel 33:11).

God does not want anybody to perish. He "reaches down and raises the poor from the dust heap and sets them among princes" (Psalm 113:5-8). He is the opposite of vindictive. I apologise if I make it sound as if he is.

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