Turn to Jesus

Why all the Bible references? I don't have a Bible.

The Bible claims to be the word of God. I accepted that in 1971 and have studied and absorbed it ever since. This website is based on its teaching as I understand it.

The Bible is divided into 66 books, each of which has chapters, with verses for ease of use. A reference like Revelation 3:20 means the book of Revelation, chapter three, verse twenty. There is an index page at the front of the Bible to help you find the place.

Bibles can be bought from bookshops or online. There are a number of good translations from the original languages, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. The more recent the translation is, the better the scholarship. I use the New International Version. The Good News Bible avoids long words.

To get a really clear idea of the Bible's teaching, read it all through many times! But to get some idea, at least try to grasp the context by reading before and after the verse in question on this web site.

For a good place to start, select one of the four gospels Matthew, Mark Luke or John, and read it through asking the question, if God were to come to earth to show us how to behave, is this how I would expect his life to go?

The Bible is also free online. There are several apps to download it, in many languages. I like Bible.is.

To find a bible reference, you can also put the reference into a search engine.

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