Turn to Jesus

How can I become a Christian?

I gave my heart to God in 1968. I then wondered how Jesus fitted in to the picture for a couple of years, and then grasped that he was God who had become man to show us the way. My belief that the Bible was the word of God came a year or so later. I advise you to follow a similar path. Why not find a friend who is already a follower of Jesus to help you?

I like this short video offering help on this.

The Alpha course has helped many. You can do an Alpha course online, e.g. here.

Or these short videos of mine might help you. 1. Getting Started ... 2. Getting Going ... 3. Getting On ... 4. Getting Involved.

Also see Finding Jesus While Suffering, an interview with Clive Jackson. Encouraging!

I am already a Christian - how can I go further? What about church?

Visit http://www.diychurch.co.uk/ for some principles to consider in making your choice.

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