Giant Sunflower Contest 2024


Let us have your photos and stories. Let your imgaination rip. Most recent images at the top.

Thanks. David

* + * + *

Update 17.06.24. Tim took the tallest Sunflower prize coming in at 146 cm. Impressive.

Alice took the unusual category prize for her non-standard measurements

"one sunflower up to her tummy button and one up to the top of her welly."

Now it's down to fertiliser and slug management. Next review end of July.

* + * + *

Here we are at the beginning of June reviewing progress.

Mixed reports of success coming in.

Small prizes to be awarded on Saturday 8th June for

a. the tallest sunflower so far.

b. Most startling entry.

So please send your pictures and measurements in.

* + * + *

As of June 3rd (names above photos) :-

Tim, Al, Rufus and Felix 146 cm

yes, 146 cm

Dave Kavanagh (neighbour) 60 cm

Ben and Matilda 68cm on 14.05.24

Camilla left hand sunflower is in the competition

Christine Grew using a novel cloche

Phil, Rachel, Arwen, Maddy and Joshua

Oh dear, the fox has had our entry. . .


Peter 25cm

Jennie 31cm rather a late entry

Tim Phillips - progress on 20.05.24

Peter and Fiona Phillips - progress on 22.04.24

Julian progress on 23.04.24

Jane Cookson (neighbour) progress on 23.04.24