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Director:Jennie Pennant

Schools currently face many challenges: raising standards, developing the workforce, increasing the quality of teaching and supporting the personalisation of learning, to name a few.

The GrowLearning coaching approach can help school leaders and teachers effectively address these issues as it:

  • ✔ supports collective responsibility for students' learning and fosters reflective practice.
  • ✔ engenders a culture of openness, mutual trust, respect and support amongst staff.
  • ✔ helps maximise the contribution that everyone makes to students' learning.
  • ✔ contributes to the raising of standards.

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'It's about starting from where you're at, feeling positive about where you've got to and building on it in small manageable steps.'

Susan, English Subject Leader

What we do

Jennie Pennant

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'Have the inquisition when things go right rather than when things go wrong.'

Woodward (2004)

How we work

Jennie Pennant

'Coaching uses a non-judgemental, questioning approach drawing out ideas from the teachers and builds their confidence and self-belief.'

Starr (2003)

Who we are

Jennie Pennant is the director and principal consultant at GrowLearning.

Jennie Pennant

GrowLearning works with a number of associate consultants who are specialists in leadership and coaching.

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'A school with a coaching culture is a learning community at every level where mistakes are seen as an inevitable part of the change process. They are not dwelt on and it is the learning that comes from them that is the key.'

Pennant (2008)

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Jennie Pennant