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The Priorities of Jesus

When I was put in charge of a church in 1988, I wanted to run it as Jesus would like. This is the account of what happened.

From the back cover :

"The moment of truth. Picture me sitting at my desk, pencil in hand, with a blank sheet of paper before me. I have completed my training and my first curacy, and have just been appointed to oversee not one but two daughter churches. Now that I am finally in charge of a church, how can I set about running it in a way that would satisfy me, let alone satisfy God? What should my guiding principle be? Can I express it clearly, ideally in one sentence?

This book tells the story of my search. The answers I arrived at were a complete surprise to me. The conclusions are far reaching, and need to be shared and discussed."

Hard copy (paperback) 3-50 from me, Kindle from Amazon 80 pence, or free pdf download . . .. . . Reader comments.

David Pennant, Woking