These are some brief videos about the aim and role of the church.

Please read the home page first, then watch in order from the top.

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Overview A . . . . What Jesus wanted his church to do and be.

Overview B . . . . What churches today tend to do.

Matters arising.

A. Regarding worship and churches.

Wot, no worship? an overview, leading to

1. Worship in Genesis

2. Worship in Exodus

3. Worship and the Tabernacle and 3a. A thought

4. Worship and the Temple

5. Worship in the Psalms

6. Worship in the Prophets

7. Worship in the Synagogues

8. Worship in Spirit and in Truth

9. Worship in Heaven

10. Worship in Singing

11. Worship and Hearing God

12. Worship Conclusion

B. For beginners

A friend said that there wasn't anything for beginners on this site, so here are some clips to address that.

1. Getting Started

2. Getting Going

3. Getting On

4. Getting Involved

5. Getting People Healthy

6. Getting People Free 1

Finding Jesus While Suffering an interview with Clive Jackson

7. Getting People Free 2

8. Getting People Free 3

9. Getting People Free 4

10. Getting People Free 5

11. Getting People Raised Up

12. Getting The Word Out

13. Getting There !

Thank you, David Pennant Woking