The Coal Goal

If we burn all the coal in the world, the Carbon Dioxide emission will cause severe climate change, we are told. We therefore need to leave it in the ground for now.

This poses a problem for countries which make money from their coal deposits. Here is a suggestion that might help.

Take a deposit of coal that is still underground and estimate its size. Allot shares in it on the understanding that this coal will not be burnt until Carbon Capture and Storage has been perfected. When that happens, the coal can be mined and burnt safely, and the share owners will be paid.

This would yield an income for the coal owners now, but without damaging the atmosphere. Share owners might have to wait decades to receive their money, but I for one would be happy to see my purchase as an investment for my grandchildren.

A scheme of this kind would encourage the development of Carbon Capture and Storage. If successful it could be extended to apply to all the world's coal. As an incentive, the shares could be made free of all taxes. Fun!

David Pennant, Woking, UK.