George's Diary

by David PennantDavid Pennant

From the back cover

"Instead of being a waste of space, it seemed that I had an army of admirers out there somewhere that I knew nothing about. People who envied me, who would have loved to be me having the influence I had. If only they knew the truth."

He may be admired and envied across the galaxy, but the reality is that George the disgraced policeman is in a terrible place inside. It's so bad that he feels he must get away. He decides to keep a diary so that if the worst happens, there will be something for his wife and teenage son to read which may help them understand.

Life on a space station in the far future will be subject to all the stresses and joys that we experience now. George's concerns about the earth and the church and his own family, all mixed up with fears about his own sanity and even survival, are ones for us to ponder too. What will he do, cut off from everyone he knows? Will there be a happy ending to his story?

A sequel to The Garden of the Galaxy.

133 pages.

ISBN 978-0-9550053-9-8

for 3-74 (Kindle 0.80)