Turn to Jesus

Covid19 has stunned us all. I believe it's time to turn from our sins and wickedness and turn to Jesus. Use this site to find out how and why. Thank you, David Pennant, Woking.

What sins and wickedness?

Couldn't Covid19 just be natural?

Your God sounds very vindictive. I believe in a loving God

Are you saying my husband died because he was a bad man? How DARE you!!

God doesn't exist. You're deluded

My dad died from Covid19. Where was God then?

Why all the Bible references? I don't have a Bible

Why Jesus in particular?

Why you? Who do you think you are?

I'm in a terrible place. What should I do?

How can I become a Christian?

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Advice on using this site: don't race through it, or you will be like a person who only glances in the mirror but doesn't stop (James 1:22-25). Take time. Jot down the references and look them up and ponder them. Form you own view.

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Thank you, David Pennant, Woking UK.